Snaky Squares Promotion on $0 Budget

I’ve spent a total of $0 on advertising Snaky Squares. Here is a Collection of Reviews and Mentions. I’ll be updating the list as I find more.

Of course I’ve worked on the promotion – there is a time cost. I have this website, a Press Pack, Facebook page, Twitter, some Reddit posts, Google Plus page and YouTube page.

Snaky Squares review on

“Made With Unity” is a free page I setup on Unity’s site. Worth noting it now appears at top of Google search results for “Snaky Squares” – that is the power of high weighting pages in searches! Not a bad thing, the page is actually quite nice and links to the store pages.

“Downloader APK” was one of the first reviews that appeared. The same page appears on other sites, usually these are sister sites in foreign languages, e.g:

Snaky Squares review on