Snaky Squares – Press Kit

Everything you find on this page is 100% free for you to use in reviews, websites, your YouTube channel, personal and/or commercial. I’ve put a text file in the zip files stating the same thing.

The Snaky Squares videos on YouTube also have the same disclaimer in their descriptions on YouTube.

If you do use anything, there is not need for any attribution or links back, but if you do I’ll be grateful. Also if you create anything good or bad I’d love to see it, send me a message!


Phone Size


Tablet Size

Other Thingy ‘me Bobs


These are on YouTube, feel free to download them and use them direct from YouTube (try, or send me a message if you want something specific or the original files. Maybe say if you want the whole video or a specific time code.

Desktop Backgrounds

Grab yourself a Snaky Squares background for your PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet!