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An exciting new industry that will for sure become one of the homes main entertainment systems over the next few years.



An essential step for any company or product promotion. Your website is your store, your app or video is your product – you need to be found by your customers and setting up search data correctly, so users find your product, is a vital step. Marketing websites, apps, games and YouTube videos you need a number of systems setup:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Along with a plan, strategy, monitoring of results and regular fine tuning.
SAO – Search App Optimization, similar to SEO yet specific to app stores. Each app store works slightly differently, for example iTunes uses keywords and Google Play store uses title, description, phrases and links.
SMO – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others including social media in other countries.
ORM – Online Reputation Management.
Google Maps Optimization, Google plus page.
Google AdWords
Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and many search engines in other countries.
Content Creation.



Your website is your shop, your online marketing brings people to your shop, your shop needs to look good, be friendly to use, be as good if not better than your competitors.


Online Advertising

Need more customers? Once you have your website, app or other online product setup and SEO done, you are limited to organic traffic. The next step is to start your online marketing campaign, paid advertising that lets you appear at the top of peoples searches and directs their eyes to your company or product.

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