Indie Dev Self Promoting abd Marketing Your Apps

Planning on self-promoting you app? Need ideas? Need advice? Here is a useful list of links; some guides, some videos, some free, some paid, all useful….

In no particular order. I will very probably add to this list in the future so bookmark this page.

Advice & Guides

  1. – 20 Ways to Promote Your App for Free
  2. – Keep Email Out of the Spam Folder
  3. – Indie Game Marketing 
  4. – a discussion
  5. – the marketing guide for game developers
  6. – A whole course! “The Indie Dev’s Guide to Promoting Apps and Making Money”
  7. – The Indie Devs Crash Course Guide to Mobile App PR

Self Promotion Websites To Show Your Game

  2. Unity Showcase (if your game was developed Unity).
  3. Cocos2D-x Showcase (if your game was developed using Cocos2d-x).
  4. Facebook Pages:
    1. Android: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11
    2. iOS: 1, 2
    3. Indie Games: 1,2
    4. Others: 1

Indie Community Specific:

  2. (Tweet your screenshot, on Saturday, with hashtag #screenshotsaturday). More info and instructions:
  3. Reddit Indiegames

Tools and Services

  2. Keywords and Competitor Research:

Shows and Festivals