How to remove Mysearchdial and other tab URL opening malware from Chrome

If when you open Chrome browser you are seeing a tab opening, directing you to “” then you have probably been on some dodgy website or installed a similar dodgy extention that has added this malware feature. But don’t worry, it is quite easy to remove, it is hidden in Chromes “On Startup” settings. Follow this guide to rid yourself of the My Search Dial pain:

1. Open Chromes settings by clicking the ChromeMenuIcon menu icon in the top right. Then click the settings option near the bottom of the menu.


2. You will now be in the Chrome Settings page, near the top is the On Startup section; the third option is “open a specific set of pages”, click the blue Set Pages link.


3. Now you are in the Set Pages dialog you should notice one of the pages is set to load the “” item. Hover over it with your mouse and click the delete button x-del-icon that appears to the right.

Chromes startup pages screen

4. Click the OK button to close the dialog, your done! If you now close Chrome and restart it, no more annoying MySearchDial tab!

On a finial note, you may like to know who your hijacker was, it is a dodgy company that specialise in this sort of malware called Montera Technologies Ltd, you can read more about them here: info on Montera Technologeis LTD