Distractions of the Internet, Productivity and Staying Focused On Work

The past two weeks it has been taking me days to complete what I would normally do in hours, I knew all too well why, the code I needed to write was boring me silly which led me to opening my web browser and finding something else to do; usually work related, just not the work I needed to get done!

So I decided to locate and install a browser blocking add-on to my Chrome browser and so far I dare say it is working very well. I settled for the “Stay Focusd” add-on. With it you can block certain websites or turn the internet off for a set period (in the browser, like stop everything for 1 hour). And it still lets you visit your blocked websites for a set period in 24hours (I’ve set mine to 30 minutes).

Check it out: StayFocusd Add-On for Google Chrome Browser

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 13.15.20