Audio Sample File Converting WAV to OGG to MP3 or Anything (Windows)

So I needed to convert multiple WAV files to OGG for a Unity project just now, I thought – I’ve done this easily a long time ago, then I remembered MediaMonkey – an old music manager app I used to use in Windows, since the early 2000’s. It was my media manager of choice but it did a whole lot more. Being back on a Windows machine it was time to check out an old love.

Sure enough Media Monkey is still available and updated, get it free here:

Converting multiple sound sample files is as simple as:

  1. Drag in the files to the now playing window
  2. CTRL+A to select all the files
  3. In the Tools menu select Convert Format (or press CTRL+ALT+C).

convert audio files with mediamonkey

  1. In the convert dialog, I like to select the “Convert file(s), replacing the originals” – it doesn’t actually replace the original WAV files but in fact creates new .OGG versions (unfortunate naming of that option).
  2. Click the Format drop down and select OGG (or whatever format you want). Then click the SETTING button underneath and set your quality. I’m going for high quality so an OGG level of 8.2. Click OK to close the Format Settings dialog.
  3. Back in the Convert Files dialog, click OK. Done.