Adding More Advert SDK's (Mediation) to your AdMob in Game Banner Ad

So my AdMob fill rate is a very decent 87% and is the main source of revenue in Arrow Mania on Android. Recently I added mediation so when an AdMob ad is not available a second advert source is used to fill that space.

So here is a quick and easy guide to adding a second (or third, or fourth) Ad source as a backup to your AdMob.

All you need is the advertisers JAR library file and the activity+permissions in your manifest, you don’t need to create another banner view, AdMob will let it use its banner view, nice huh?


Here I will add Millennial Media’s ads, you can apply this to almost any other ad type though:

1. Register an account with Millennial Media (MM) here:
2. Add your app to your MM account, getting an ID for the app.
2. Download the MM SDK from here. Follow the instructions on that page and add the content of the MM SDK lib folder to your projects lib folder. This should be the “mmsdk.jar”, “nmdp_speech_kit.jar”, and the “armebi” folder.
3. Download the MMEdia mediation adaptor from
4. Add the MMedia adaptor Jar to your project.
5. Make sure you add all those Jars to your projects Properties->Libraries list.
6. In your AdMob account
      (i) go to the “Monetise” tab,
      (ii) click your app
      (iii) On the far right click the “Edit Mediation” link
      (iv) Add Millennial Media’s ads to your mediation including your apps MMedia ID.
Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 14.22.27Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 14.23.16
3. Add MMedia’s activity+permissions to you manifest file (see
That’s it, no need to create another banner view or anything, adMob handles it all for you. Simple when you know how! Run your app for a while, go check out your MMedia console a couple of hours later and you should see some requests went through to your MMedia ads account.