Software Developer.

A very seasoned developer. Most recently specializing in Unity 3D, C#, VR, medical apps. I also edit the odd website & do online marketing. In the past you may have seen some of the products I worked on like GameShark for PlayStation, Saturn, Dreamcast & PSP. Currently working on medical training and tool apps with CNIS. Previous to that medical VR training with Conquer.


Check out some of our own games below, we also do freelance work.

Snaky Squares on iOS and Android

Kid Toys Are Fun

The best toy videos on the Kid Toys Are Fun YouTube channel.

Medical Apps & VR

Projects including medical Virtual Reality systems and medical training apps for Canadian Network For International Surgeons (a current project).


1 week ago
Check out this great video on the story of GameShark, 14 years of my career: https://t.co/P66xvG5pm9
1 week ago
Released the first in a series of #medical apps for Canadian Network For International Surgeons ( #CNIS) today. Kampala Trauma Score Calculator is a tool for #African #doctors to measure injury severity. Info: https://t.co/qOEZ6jAopK #Canada #Africa #unity3d https://t.co/MYjUb5p63k GMTDev photo
3 weeks ago
MS OneDrive, miss calculates space when you use Symbolic links (bug from Feb 2017). Google Drive doesn't even follow symbolic links. How many cloud services actually work?


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