Android File Transfer – No Android device found?!?

If you are running the Android File Transfer app on your Mac and it is sitting there with the message “No Android device found” follow the steps below to sort it out.

Firstly, if you have updated to the latest Android firmware 4.0.4 then Android File Transfer just isn’t going to work! Luckily there is a free and simple alternative in the form of AirDroid (click here to download it). Follow the instructions on the website, simply you run Airdroid on your phone and go to on you Mac to access your files.

Alternatively, if you aren’t on Android 4.0.4 then the following should get Android File Transfer working:-

1. A bit obvious, make sure you have connected your Android device with your USB cable, Mac to your Android device.

The USB symbol should have appeared in the top left of the task bar.

2. Open the task manager (swipe down with your finger from top to bottom on your Androids screen). You will see the item “Connected as a media device”, tap this item to open the settings page “USB PC connection”.

3.  Now in “USB PC connection” you will see the “Media devive (MTP)” option is ticked and a second un-ticked item “Camera (PTP)”, tick the “Camera (PTP)” option.

That’s it, the Android File Transfer should now open and you can see the contents of you Android Device memory and SD card (if you have an SD card in it too). You can now copy files to and from your phone like MP3 music to the Music folder.


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